How An Online Bible Study Course Will Benefit You This Year

If the challenges of 2020 left you feeling down, scared, or hopeless, there's a chance that in 2021 you're looking for some peace and faith for the future. If you've made goals to increase your spirituality this year, you may be considering taking an online Bible study course. There are many benefits to learning more about your own religion, and it may bring the extra strength you're looking for this year.

Gain More Personal Conviction

Arguably the greatest benefit of a Bible study is to grow in your faith in God. If you believe in the Bible, then you likely feel a lot of peace when you read it, as well as a desire to be a better person. Those feelings can help you remain steady even when it seems like the rest of the world is falling apart. And, if you struggle to read as much as you'd like to on your own, registering for a Bible study course can help you keep the habit of reading all year, giving you the greater personal conviction and strength you desire.

Receive More Context for Strange Bible Stories

Many stories in the Bible are pretty straightforward, such as Jesus healing the sick. Some, however, are a little confusing or even downright bizarre. It's hard to feel the kind of peace that you want when you don't understand parts of what you're reading. A Bible study course will give you more context to some of the weird stories. Depending on the specific course, you could learn more about the culture of the time period, the language the writers used, and any other background information that can help you understand. The more you learn about the culture and customs of the time, the better you will be at picking out inspirational lessons from the Bible stories—even the odd ones.

Give Better Service at Church

You may simply want to further your faith journey even though you don't attend a specific church, and that's totally fine. However, if you do attend a church every week, there's a good chance that you at some point will have a chance to participate in a devotional or teach a Sunday school class. The information and lessons you learn in a Bible study course will add greater depth to your own comments as you share that knowledge with the class or group, helping others grow in their faith too. Some courses will give you a certificate when you complete it, which may help you gain an official position in your church if that's a way you'd like to serve. 

Those are just some of the benefits that can come from an online Bible study course. You will also have the advantage of working the course into your schedule, due to it being online. Do some research into online Bible study courses to find one that will help you achieve your spiritual goals for 2021.