What To Expect From Virtual Community Church Services

The concept of virtual community church services are becoming increasingly popular. These services allow any parishioner from any location with internet service to view services. They also allow people to check out a church service before attending, to see if it is right for them and their family. If you are considering attending a virtual church service, and you've never attended one before, here are a few things to expect.

Live Chat

One of the aspects of a virtual community church service and other religious church services is a live chat. The live chat generally scrolls to the side of the window that shows the service. This is an area that members of the virtual stream can say hello to each other, talk during service, or make comments about the services and the lesson for that sermon. This is also the area that church administrators can take time to say hello and chat with newcomers. If you find it distracting you can turn off the chat via a button or control depending on the virtual platform. 

Prayer Services

Depending on the denomination of the community church, you may find they have prayer services that are also virtual. These services are a time to make prayer requests, take part in daily prayers, and pray for other members of the church who may be in need. These services are held at least once a week, but may be held more often if your denomination has daily prayer services normally. 

Bible Studies

When you are listening to the main virtual service, you may hear them mention bible studies. You can join in these bible studies, but you need to expect those meetings to be smaller. These meetings usually involve a small number of people and expect you to participate through either text chat or through voice chat. You may find that the studies are broken up by age, marital status, or by topic. 

Join Options

Join options for virtual community church services can include buttons or links that allow you to join conversations, events, or other special engagements. These buttons are offered during some sermons or services. You may also find they link you to special pages on the church website that are for newcomers, new church members, donations, charities, or event registration. These options can give you more chances to become involved if you choose the particular church as your virtual home church.

If you feel like a virtual community church service is right for you, your schedule, or your family, consider looking at all your options within your denomination. Remember, there are churches like The Community Church of Smoke Rise that offer national virtual services as well as local service on different social media sites. This gives you a wider range of options and lets you ensure you are finding the right option for you.