Traditional And Alternative Methods For Healing An Injury

When you are suffering from a bodily injury, you are probably looking for ways to heal yourself as quickly as possible. 

General Physicians and Specialists

Visit your general physician to see what specialists should be a part of your care routine. You might need to be monitored by an orthopedic doctor or surgeon for bodily injuries that are severe. Anything to do with the spine or bones is an example of when you might see an orthopedic specialist. Physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists are excellent people to see for soft tissue injuries.

Alternative Medicine

When you speak with an alternative or holistic medicine professional, they may be able to recommend herbal supplements that would help provide trace nutrients that would help your body heal faster. 

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing, through a practitioner like Susan Cutter Healing Arts, is a great addition to your care plan, and it is gentle enough to be used with almost any physical injury. In fact, reiki healers don't touch you at all. Instead, they focus on redirecting energies in the body in order to help the body heal. It can be hard to understand until you see and feel it for yourself, so speak with a reiki healing specialist about how they can help you in particular. 


A good massage therapist will, at the very least, make your healing more comfortable. When the body is injured, tension will transfer to the muscles around the injury in order to protect it.  Long-term injury patients often have intense muscle knots that can be partially resolved by massage therapy. 


If you have a long-term injury, it can really get to your head. You may find yourself feeling more depressed or anxious because your lifestyle has changed as a result of your injury. Unfortunately, this is not helping you heal quickly. The mind-body connection is a real thing, and a strong mind will help you cope with your injury and heal faster. So, therapy is a good thing to add to your care routine when you are struggling with an injury. 

Unfortunately, one component of healing most bodily injuries is time. You have to give your body time to use its natural healing mechanisms to protect you. However, that doesn't mean you can't do a few things to help your body along. Getting plenty of rest, staying in good mental and physical shape aside from your injury, and consulting professionals when possible are some ways to augment what your body is already doing.