Your Options When Selling Used Religious Books

Selling used books is a way to potentially make some money. If you have a large selection of religious books you are looking to get rid of, you have several options to check out in order to make a little bit of money while making room on your bookshelves. 

Brick and Mortar Stores

Technology has come a long way in the past decade. Many people rely on online sources to sell and buy books, so the demand for actual brick and mortar stores has gone down. If you are looking to sell your books, you may be one of the lucky ones to have a quality used bookstore in your town. 

There are some used bookstore chains that will offer you money for your used books. The amount they are willing to give you is based on the condition of the book and the need for the book. If they have dozens of copies of the book already, you are unlikely to get much money, if anything at all. However, if the book is in good condition and fairly rare, yet sought after, you could get a good price on it. Even if the bookstore does not specialize in religious books, they likely have a section of the store that your books will fit appropriately into. 

Some cities and towns have specialized used religious bookstores that may offer you money for your books. The amount they are able to offer will likely follow the same type of formula in figuring a price: supply and demand plus condition of the book. 

Online Used Religious Book Stores

You are likely to find legitimate used bookstores online, like, including ones that specialize in the specific type of religious book you are trying to sell. In some cases, you will have to contact them directly to see what their policy is on buying used books. Some give you the ability to enter the book ISBN and generate a price for you on the spot. You then print shipping labels and send the book to them.

Other Ways to Sell Books Online

There are other options to sell books. Many websites exist that specifically deal in selling books. On these sites you list the books as an independent seller and choose the price you want for the book. You have the ability to look at what other sellers have chosen to sell the book for, and choose what you want to sell your book for. It is a good idea to attempt to be competitive in your pricing. If everyone else is selling a book for $2.00, and you choose to sell yours for $5.00, the odds of your book selling are slim. If your book is very common, or not in demand, you will see listings for as low as one cent! In this case, you may be better off attempting to sell it a different way. 

Selling your Books in Person

You may also choose to sell your books in person. You could have a yard sale, or see if you can set up a table at your religious organization.